Winning Tips

  1. Know the contest or station rules.

    Each station has their own rules, and you must understand and follow them to win. Copies of each station’s rules are available on request: either online on their website, by email or regular mail.
  2. Focus on winning one specific prize.

    Don’t play other small games on that station that might disqualify you from the one you really want. For example: On some radio stations, if you win a prize, you can’t play them again for a year.
  3. Know each radio station’s phone number before the game starts.

    Input the number into the phone and then hit redial as you play. Keep hitting redial until you hear that they have a winner.
  4. Be patient! Don’t assume that they have a winner until they announce one.

    Some disc jockeys take their time answering the phone. Others answer quickly, and even skip callers. You’ll learn how each DJ answers after playing for a while.
  5. Don’t try to play more than one station at a time.

    It gets too confusing.
  6. Thursdays are big prize days or days when many stations launch new contests.

  7. Most radio stations have websites, and you can enter contests online.

  8. Get to know the game timing for each station.

    Games are usually played either 10 to 20 minutes after the hour, or 40 to 50 minutes after the hour. Stations rarely play games during times designated for news, weather, or traffic reports.
  9. Many stations have daily games that are associated with a particular DJ.

    Those games are played around the same time every day, are predictable and easier to win. Listen for them.
  10. Many stations play separate weekend games.

    They are frequently played every hour between peak listening times.
  11. Be (and sound) excited if you are chosen as the winner!

    Stations love winners who scream and yell. They will often use a recording of your reaction in their game promotions, and you’ll be heard on the radio over and over again.
  12. Keep an open mind about listening to the radio.

    Don’t restrict yourself to one kind of music or radio station. If you learn to enjoy a variety of music, you’ll listen to more stations. This will give you more chances to win prizes.
  13. Learn to anticipate when they’re going to ask for callers.

    Sometimes they’ll tell you: “We are looking for the second caller.” You’ll need to dial ahead, and hope that you didn’t dial too soon or too late. Learning when to dial ahead helps you to be in a winning call position.
  14. Radio stations frequently clear the phone lines before taking calls.

    If this happens, Dial from their cue as quickly as possible, and just keep redialing.
  15. In some games, it helps to use a tape recorder to record other contestants’ guesses, or information that you need to write down.

    With collage, or sound-bite recognition games, this technique is very useful. You can replay the recorded sound bite and listen to it over and over again. These types of games can be difficult, and hearing the bite repeated can help you identify the song title or artist.